34855 Petersen Road, Agua Dulce, CA 91350

TELEPHONE (661) 251-2365 FAX (661) 251-3007 PAGER (661) 286-8996

Feature Film

8X Entertainment "Megiddo: The Omega Code 2"

All In Movie, LLC "All In"

Amazon Productions "Zombie Nation"

Billsburg Films "The Last Word"

Border Lost, LLC "Border Lost"

Columbia Pictures (Big Fin Productions) "Godzilla"

Columbia Pictures "Men In Black"

Columbia Pictures "Spider-Man"

Columbia Pictures "S.W.A.T."

Columbia Pictures "Vacancy"

Combustion Enterprises "Combustion"

Cumulus Productions "It Came From Outer Space"

Desert City Film Works "Mother's Day"

Devil's Den, LLC "Devil's Den"

Drop Zone Productions "Operation: Iron Angel"

Earthship Productions "Ghosts of the Abyss"

Endless Bummer Productions, LLC "Endless Bummer"

Film Roman "Voodoo Moon"

Finding, LLC "Finding Amanda"

Good Time Charlie, LLC "Charlie Wilson's War"

Good Time Max, LLC "Good Time Max"

Great Falls Productions "Rattled"

H. R. Films, Inc. "Hell Ride"

Hopeful Monster, LLC "SPIKE"

Incited Media, LLC "The Eyes of Scott Robbins"

Iron Works Productions "Iron Man"

Industry Entertainment "Live From Baghdad"

Initial Entertainment Group "The Aviator"

Johnny Tao Productions "The Adventures of Johnny Tao"

Juniper Productions "Scorched"

Krush, Unltd. "Dark America"

Man From Earth, LLC "The Man From Earth"

Mindfire Entertainment "All Souls Day"

New Line Cinema "Domino"

New Regency Productions "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

Northview Enterprises "Dynamite"

Otis E., LLC "Otis E."

P.M. Entertainment "Rage"

Pantera Productions "Montana"

Paramount Pictures "Genre"

Paramount Pictures "Mission Impossible: 3"

Paramount Pictures "Rat Race"

Paramount Pictures "There Will Be Blood"

Paramount Pictures "War of the Worlds"

Pathfinder Pictures "Shadow Fury"

Popular Enterprises "Inhabited"

Promise Land, LLC "Promiseland"

Raven Knight Productions "One Step Ahead"

Raw Feed 2, LLC "Rest Stop 2"

Ridge Productions, Inc. "Lions For Lambs"

RL, LLC "Redline"

Rustic Productions "The Dukes of Hazzard II"

Snake Eyes Productions "Venom"

Sleeping Marmots Productions, Inc. "Delta Farce"

Spartan Productions, Inc. "Spartan"

Tapestry Films "Payback"

The Global Asylum, Inc. "King of the Ants"

Total Film Group "My First Mister"

Touchdown Productions "No Man's Land"

Touchstone Pictures "Hidalgo"

Twentieth Century Fox "Behind Enemy Lines"

Twentieth Century Fox "Flicka"

Twentieth Century Fox "Independence Day"

United Artists "Tank Girl"

Universal Pictures "Dante's Peak"

Universal Pictures "Jarhead"

Universal Pictures "Scorpion King"

Universal Pictures "Serenity"

Walt Disney Pictures "Reign of Fire"

Wanted Entertainment "Curse of the 49er"

Warner Bros. "Body Slam"

Warner Bros. "Constantine"

Warner Bros. "Eight Legged Freaks"

Warner Bros. "Looney Tunes: Back In Action"

Warner Bros. "Red Sun, Black Sand"

Warner Bros. "Swordfish"

Warner Bros. "The Yes Man"

Worldwide Film Company "The Undead 3D"


ABC Studios "Ghost Whisperer"


CBS "The Agency"

CBS "Jericho"

CBS/Paramount Network Television "Medium"

Chambers Brothers Entertainment "The Ultimate Gamer"

Cicada, Ltd. (Hallmark) "Jane Doe"

Columbia TriStar Television "Worst Case Scenarios"

Creative Differences "Extreme Survival: Firestorm"

Discovery Channel "Crash Test"

ESLS Productions "Man v. Beast"

ESPN, Inc. "ESPN X Games Project"

Five Course Films, Inc. (Bravo - Project Greenlight) "Feast"

Got Sports Productions "I Do Anything"

H.B.O. "Carnivale"

H.B.O. "Big Love"

Homerun Entertainment "Best Built Home"

Lock and Key Productions "Fear Factor"

MMPR Productions "Power Rangers"

MMPR Productions "Power Rangers Wild Force"

MTV "Inside the Action: Live Free or Die Hard"

Morningstar Entertainment "Alexander the Great" (Discovery Channel)

NBC Studios "Knight Rider"

NBC Studios "Las Vegas"

NBC Universal Television "Monk"

Nickelodeon (Biz Betty, Inc.) KCA "The Road To"

Original Productions "Boom"

Paramount Pictures Television "Medium"

Playground Media Group "Las Vegas Springs Preserves"

RBI Productions "Crisis Point"

RDF Media "Junkyard Wars"

Regency Television Productions "Malcolm In The Middle"

STF Productions, Inc. "America's Most Wanted"

Touchstone Television "MDs"

Touchstone Television "Push, Nevada"

Touchstone Television "Threat Matrix"

Twentieth Century Fox "24"

Twentieth Century Fox "Firefly"

Twentieth Century Fox "The Loop"

Twentieth Century Fox "Roswell"

Twentieth Century Fox "Shark"

Twentieth Century Fox Television "The Unit"

Twentieth Century Fox "The X-Files"

Two Cities Productions "The Shot"

VH1 "Celebrity Paranormal Project"

Warner Bros. "ER"

Warner Bros. "The George Lopez Show"

Warner Bros. "Smallville"

Warner Bros. "Without A Trace"

Short Films

Awkward Silence Productions "Closing Escrow"

Broken Halo/Signature Entertainment "Pieces"

Nandi Bowe, Brown Cow Productions "Statistically Speaking"

Todd Colby "Back Alley"

Combat Enterprises "Operation: Crimson Dunes"

Combat Enterprises "Operation: Crimson Dunes 2"

Combat Enterprises "Operation: Crimson Dunes 3"

Combat Enterprises "Operation: Minor Threat"

Fala Films "Silver Bullet"

Larry & Lori Garcia "Legal Mischief"

Dan Gilbert & Jay Dumenigo & William Fix "The Wildflower"

Tom Hodges & Jennifer Blair "Last Request"

Jim Lerman "The Three Little Pigs"

Daniel Levitch "Winter's Rogue"

Night of the Templar, LLC (Paul Sampson) "Night of the Templar"

Rhythmn & Hues "Star Trek-The Ride"

Shadow Screen Productions "The Darkside of Happiness"

Jason Shumway "Rat In The Hat"

Untold Films "Noisemaker"


900 Frames "Sovereignty", inc. "Burger King"

Aero Films "Bridgestone"

All In One Productions "California Lottery: Gong"

Anonymous Content "British Petroleum"

Anonymous Content "United Way" (Public Service Announcement)

Anonymous Content "Valentino"

Area 51 Films "Grand Canyon"

Atomik Pictures "EA Sports"

Backyard Productions "Papa Murphy's Pizza"

B B Effects, Inc. "Slo Mo Pyro"

Blue Flame Entertainment "B3"

Bubble Factory "Ford Trucks"

Bunker New York, LLC "American Chopper"

Coppos Films "Hot Jobs"

Crossroads Films "Tyson"

Electronic Arts "Black Box"

Filmsmith Productions "Sun Chlorella"

HANDz Corp. "Yunker"

GO Films, Inc. "Kellogg's Mini-Wheats"

Great Guns U.S.A. "Nissan"

Harvest Productions "Toyota Tacoma"

House of Usher "Nationwide Auto Insurance"

Hungry Man Productions "B.M.W. Motorcycle"

Independent Media "Harley Davidson"

Lizaard Brothers Entertainment "Wolf Muser"

Lodger Films, Inc. "Mutants"

M.J.Z. Productions "Pace Picante Sauce"

M.J.Z. Productions "PGA"

Moxie Media "Toyota"

Oil Factory, Inc. "Cattleman's BBQ Sauce"

Phermone TV, LLC "Land Rover 3"

P.J.S. Productions "THQ"

Palomar Pictures "Bud Frogs"

Park Pictures "Aididas"

Park Pictures "Mitsubishi"

Perretti Productions, Inc. "AutoZone"

Pictures In A Row "Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge"

Plum Productions "Ford Expedition"

RSA/USA "Dodge - Jump"

RSA/USA "Kodak"

Ruckus Films, Inc. "Toyota Rav 4"

Smuggler, Inc. "Hummer"

Steven & Linda Horn, Inc. "Chevy Trucks"

Therapy Films "Holiday Inn Express"

Third Point Productions "A Place Like This"

Tool of North America, Inc. "Bud Light"

Train Wreck, LLC "Cadillac"

Windowseat Pictures "Vans"

Music Videos (Fergie & Ludacris) "Glamorous"

1171 Production Group "Beaowulf - 2 cents"

Black Dog Films "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"

Boulevard Industries (Professor Green) "Lullaby"

DNA (Def Leppard) "Rock On"

DNA (Five For Fighting) "The Riddle"

DNA "Madonna"

DNA "Teddy Geiger"

DNA "Trinity Stone"

F.M. Rocks "Kelly Clarkson"

F.M. Rocks "Lil' Zane"

Freenjoy, Inc. "The Weeknd"

Instinct Entertainment "Come Widdit"

Mars Media (Lady May & Blu Cantrell) "Round Up"

Motiv Films "The Wreckers"

No Limit Films "Megalarge Master P"

No Risk No Fun, LLC "Tatiana"

Nosco USA (The B'Z) "The B'Z"

Oretac Studios "Onionhead"

Palomar Pictures (Jewel) "Still Standing"

Palomar Pictures "LIVE"

Revolver Films "Christina Aguilera"

Riviera Films "MC Ren"

So Cal Productions "Ateyu"

Tackle Box Films "Rascal Flatts"

Third Point Productions "Lea"

Under Two Films (Larisa Dolina) "In L.A."

Weird Pictures "Daughtry"

WildCard Productions "In The Moment"

Student Films

Chapman University (Doug Meyer) "An American Tragedy"

Chapman University (Matt Akey) "Little Men"

Chapman University (Michael Andersen) "Puma Pulce"

Chapman University (Jeff Halbleib) "Tiny Handprints"

COC (Dan Gilbert) "Clown Town"

COC (William Fix) "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

COC (William Fix) "Goodbye"

COC (Dan Gilbert) "Wildflower"

CSUN (Michelle Meisner) "Barrio Thief"

The Los Angeles Film School (Celina Reising) "Guilt of War"

LMU (Jessica Doyle) "Futile"

Master's College (Robert Ham) "The Convoy"

New York Film Academy (Mark Heron) "Detour"

USC (Chris Perkel) "A Thousand Clowns"

USC (Fernanda Cordoso) "A True Christmas Story"

USC (John Blair) "Clear Cut, Simple"

USC (Bryan McKown) "Deer Season"

USC (Chris Perkel) "Fortunate Son"

USC (David Baldwin) "Head in the Sand"

USC (Neel Upadhye) "The O.R."

USC (Marcy Patterson) "Periphery Texas"

USC (Josh Lewin) "Sojourn"

USC (Sabrina Rubin) "Television"

USC (Naveen Singh) "Norman..."

USC (Tom Fischer) "The Zendo Maneuver"

USC (Cooper McMain & Lexa Burton) "Whistled Dirges"

Still Photography

5 Star Entertainment "The Men's Journal Gear Guide"

Atomic Pictures "Taylor"

C.W.U.W. "West Cigarettes"

Cynthia Smalley Photography "Tish Agoyo"

David D'Angelo Photography "Amy Byer"

Eminent, Inc. "Revolve Clothing"

Green Studios "Well Hung"

Ken Bradley Photography "Kohl Bradley"

Mark Seliger Photography "Vanity Fair - Sam Rockwell"

Newsweek "Arianna Huffington"

Pelican Products "Military Catalogue"

Pier 59 Productions "German Glamour"

Playboy Entertainment "Drew Barrymore"

Playboy Entertainment "Patrice"

productions in the sun "Volkswagen"

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