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Air Designs - Prop House

The best specialty prop house left in Los Angeles. Air Designs prides itself on being friendly and providing excellent service.

Military Equipment

Military Equipment

Military equipment is located on-site at S.O.S.FilmWorks. Half-tracks, jeeps, tanks, troop carriers, humvees, and much, much, more. For rates and availability, please page David Wang at (818) 315-6183.

Military Training by Tango Alpha Productions

Military Training

The best military training available to the Entertainment Industry for actors or other individuals that want hands-on experience. For class schedules and information, please call Joe Talley at (310) 486-0546

Custom Sound Tracks

Cinecall Soundtracks

Cinecall Soundtracks holds the custodial rights of all songs they present and are able to make the deal for any soundtrack work without having to go back and forth with the artists. Most recently, Cinecall completed the soundtrack for a Lucent Technology national campaign and an upcoming Disney project

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Film Permits


The Entertainment Industry Developement Corpration (E.I.D.C.) is the central film permit office for Southern California.

Airport and Airplane Sets

Air Hollywood

200 ft. Airport Terminal, 110 ft. Wide-Body Jet, 65 ft. Narrow-Body Jet, Practical Glass Cockpit

Simply the best


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