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Rate card: January 2003

No matter what your budget we have locations to choose from. If you tell us your budget is $500 per day, we still have multiple properties to choose from. Some properties are exclusive and do command a higher rate because they are always in demand. We are here to assist you.

We currently manage more than 70 locations which make up more than 6,024 acres. Prices vary depending on the property and the specific use of each production. Our minimum rates average $800 per day for preparation and our maximum rates average $5,000 for principal photography. Typically, working restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores are more expensive than other locations. We are open to the possibility of unique transactions.

The only thing we really care about is providing you with the best service in our industry. We don't care about politics, and we don't really care about anything other than getting the job done. We are affiliated with Agua Dulce Movie Ranch and offer a diverse range of facilities, which have all been proven.

S.O.S. (Space Ordnance Systems). Our water tank is 360,000 (Three Hundred Sixty Thousand) gallons. If you would like to drop 80,000 gallons of water to make mud, and still film rain all night, we can do that. Our facility has 6 fire hydrants on site. We own our fire hydrants and you don't need to have a water meter or a permit to use them. Each one of these fire hydrants translates into an area where you can film without a water truck. For most of us, eliminating the cost of a water truck will save between $500-$700 per day for each day of use. Why pay for an extra truck and an extra employee, if you don't have to?

We also have 3 (three) fire hydrants evenly spaced over 500 feet where you can make it rain over an area larger than a football field. You bring the rain towers and we'll bring the water.

Have you ever ordered a water truck just to do a wetdown? We can do that too. Have you ever had to wait for a water truck to refill at a remote location? We offer the look of a remote location with the amenities of being downtown.

When you think of water, do you think of fire? We do. In fact, a large portion of our property is zoned M-1 Heavy Industrial and is the best zoning available for pyrotechnic related special effects.

Also, unique to our property are more than 10 concrete pads (4 seperate intersections) where electrical connections could be made for set construction. If you are in the market for a location to build a town, it is possible to eliminate the need for portable generators.




We are interested in working with you regardless of your budget. Rates are determined based on how the property will be used. Discounts are available for long-term use. Also, special consideration is given to filmmakers who are interested in building a set or themed site. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Our goal is to provide you with the best opportunity available to realize complete production value. The cost of filming at our location can be less expensive than filming in Canada, even considering a rebate.

We maintain on-site earthmoving, bulldozing, and brush clearing equipment. We also maintain picture vehicles and transportation equipment.

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Construction: Bob Harris - pager (661) 515-3362

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