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This is the Home Page for Agua Dulce Movie Ranch, Inc. S.O.S.FilmWorks is one of more than 350 properties managed by Agua Dulce Movie Ranch for specific use by the film industry. We are not in business to waste your time so if we do not have a location you are looking for we will tell you directly and refer you to a competitor that will best serve your story.

Thank you for the gypsy life we live. Thank you to our clients for trusting us to manage their property and thank you to the wonderful men and women in the film industry who keep bringing dreams to life. It is a sincere pleasure to work with you.

The Sierra Inn
The photo to the left is The Sierra Inn. The Sierra Inn is most well know as the biker bar where Pee Wee Herman sang "Tequila" on a table to make friends with the bikers. It was also the venue used for the opening of "Terminator 2" where the Terminator crashes a ladies night out and takes the leather clothing from a male stripper.

L10-11 @ SOS FilmWorks S.O.S. FilmWorks is a 348 acre filming site consisting of flat topography. Half of the property is zoned M-1 and is zoned for large scale pyrotechnics and/or weapons firing live fire. We have a prviate water system, ashphalt and concrete pads, nine fire hydrants and gated access on an asphalt road.

The most visible set at S.O.S is our L10-11, full size, jet fuselage. The interior is vintage 1974, complete with ashtrays. As constructed L10-11 bathrooms were at the very rear of the plane in a curved row. All we did is bring the row of bathrooms forward so it's easy to film both inside and outside the bathrooms.

Mystery Mesa Sanctuary
At Mystery Mesa, we currently only have one neighbor within 500 feet of any property boundary and permitting as required by Film LA is very easy to accomplish.

We always have working construction sites, single family housing, in various stages of construction. Hard hats are required for all visitors for any scout or technical scout. Typically, the best day to shoot a working construction site is a Sunday because the work crew will not be on the site. Homes are currently constructed in a period of about 1 month so each site changes dramatically from week to week.

Beeler Land

At other locations, we have a large number of unique rock formation, narrow canyons with top and bottom access, and various man-made ponds in many configurations.

Our goal is to assist you in making your vision a reality. Many of our film sites are not home to any endangered species, rare plants, or any other exotic feature that will limit your ability to do what you want.

We manage enough property that even if your budget is limited we can help but you may have limited choices. Every show must have insurance and obtain a film permit.

Our Credits page links each project with the specific piece of property filmed. Not every property we manage is featured on the website. Please call (661) 251-2365 if you are looking for something not featured on the website or if you just want to speak with someone about a concept. For us, the best thing to help us find your location is a picture or even a storyboard sketch.

Most recent film use:

20th Century Fox Television "Behind Enemy Lines"

Site last modified: Cyber Scout: Grayson Court Construction Site (Santa Clarita, CA)

Pictures of the property are updated on a regular basis. Use our Cyber Scout link to see a thumbnail of each
picture which is currently posted. You are welcome to come and visit us at anytime without an appointment.

Discounts are available for student films with some restrictions.

Properties available for student filming: Grandma's House, Hacienda Vasquez,
Long Look Ranch, S.O.S.FilmWorks, Spooky House, Vista Springs, and Wheeler's Ranch

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