Crazy Little Thing Called Love
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               FADE IN:

               INT. AIRPLANE - COACH

               It is the 1970's, people in coach class are on an airplane.
               There is at least one guy with a big, comedic, Afro and at
               least one girl with big hair from the late 60's.

               A hot guy in his early 20's, DAVID, is looking at a young,
               hot, STEWARDESS (SARAH), several rows ahead of him.  

               He reaches up to press the CALL BUTTON.  

               As we hear the CALL BUTTON "DING", the STEWARDESS turns to
               look at David.  Their eyes lock.  In the background we hear,
               very faintly, the sound of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
               by Queen in the background.

               POV SARAH, she looks at DAVID for three seconds (medium shot
               of David)

               POV DAVID, he looks at her for three seconds (medium shot of

               POV SARAH, she looks at DAVID for three seconds (CLOSE UP of
               David's eyes)

               POV DAVID, he looks at her for three seconds (CLOSE UP OF HER

               SARAH walks toward DAVID'S seat.  As she walks, we see over
               her shoulder, and just like in "Run, Lola, Run" we see three
               photo's.  From the perspective of being behind SARAH, we see
               three snapshots of her kissing DAVID.

               As SARAH walks toward DAVID'S seat, David has the same
               experience.  From the perspective of being behind DAVID, we
               see three snapshots of him kissing SARAH.

               SARAH reaches DAVID'S seat and reaches out her hand to his. 
               Without saying a word he takes her hand and hand in hand,
               SARAH leads DAVID toward first class.  The song "Crazy Little
               Thing Called Love" is getting louder as they walk toward
               first class.

               SARAH reaches first class and parts a curtain. White light
               flashes as SARAH AND DAVID enter first class.

               INT. AIRPLANE - FIRST CLASS

               In first class there is a party going on.  There is a small
               parquet dance floor in the middle of first class and
               passengers are dancing to our crazy song.  A disco ball
               revolves overhead and the light is completely different than
               in coach.  

               A light comes up on SARAH as she reaches out her hands to
               dance with DAVID.  This is exactly the same as in "Billy

               A light comes up on DAVID as he reaches out his hands to
               dance with SARAH.

               DISSOLVE TO KALEIDOSCOPE. Through our lens, first class is
               transformed into a kaleidoscope.  People are dancing and
               having a good time.  

               SARAH AND DAVID dance in the middle of the dance floor.

               DISSOLVE TO BILL BUSBY/ETHEL MERMAN-O-SCOPE (The camera will
               be mounted to a wheel to spin while pointing from the top of
               the ceiling looking down).

               As a group, the first class dancers, form a circle and do one
               or two choreographed movements for the ceiling camera.


               INT. AIRPLANE - BATHROOM

               We see the silhouette of a beautiful woman within an airplane
               bathroom.  Fog is coming from the bathroom floor.  

               SILHOUETTE GIRL strikes poses that we recognize from common

               SILHOUETTE GIRL strikes the pose we see on the back of mud
               flaps for big rigs.

               SILHOUETTE GIRL gestures with her finger toward DAVID to come

               From the side of the bathroom we see a hand reach out, grab
               DAVID, and the door closes.

               INT. AIRPLANE - COACH

               Two men are sitting in the coach row just before the entrance
               to first class.

                                   MAN #1
                         Man, this sucks being so close to
                         first class! 

                                   MAN #2
                         So near and yet so far......

               The song fades out in the background

               FADE OUT.


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